Thursday, August 25, 2011

Android 9 patch - pack 7 - large gradients

This pack 7 contains large 9 patch with gradients. They have a limit on the size they can scale but provide nice smooth color gradients. These would work best with large views, but I have yet to check smaller buttons and views. Note that 2 of the 9 patch have some transparency. Expect more transparent 9 patch in the future.


(Update: Fixed banding artifacts)


  1. fantastic, loving the large 9 patches!!

  2. Thank you!

    I'll probably do bunch more tonight. They work great even when stretched over large Views!


  3. Only drawback is that they probably don't work so well on small buttons...

    I'll have to try that later :)

  4. Hi Richard,
    After endless and endless of googling, I found your site and the images you have created are just superb.

    I not much into graphics, but would love to learn how you created these.

    I am doing a project where by I need backgrounds to satisfy the following:
    1. button enabled and not selected - green (Android 9 patch - pack 7 - large gradients - 2nd from top)

    2. button enabled and selected - blue gradient - like no 1.

    3. button enabled and not selected but with external activity - like 1 but with blue border

    4. button enabled and selected with some external activity - like no 2 but with blue border

    5. button disabled - like point 1 but with red gradient.

    Can you please guide me on how I can make these?

    Wondering if you can help me out.

    Hope to hear from you.


  5. To create buttons with state, you will need to create a selector using the xml file format in your project. Then for the various states you want to support, you need a different graphic.

    Here is an example of selector

    You can set the background property of a view/button with this drawable and it will work as expected.

    Now, to make a great app, you need someone to sit down and find a color scheme you want to use for your app using something like this:

    You can then export your scheme to photoshop palette to create your button styles.

    If you do not have access to photoshop, you can use gimp which is free.

    You can also find other articles on this blog that will teach you how to create the "9 patch pngs".

  6. Benjamin Moore has a great color scheme gallery to:

  7. Also Ash, feel free to use any graphics found on this blog for your android project, free of charge. You can also load them in photoshop or gimp and modify them to create the styles you are missing.

    Credits to this blog would be appreciated but not required. Help to network this blog with your colleagues would be greatly appreciated too :)