Monday, September 17, 2012

Android 9 patch viewer Milestone - 100 apps sold!

Hi all,

I wanted to offer my thanks to everyone who supported my work by purchasing the application.

Mr. Cameron was purchase #100 :)

I've been busy completing my first android game with my son, but I should be building up my next collection in the incoming weeks.



  1. Do I then need to bring this png into the Android Draw 9-Patch tool?

  2. Negative.
    There are all ready to go!
    That's the beauty of the applications.

  3. I tried to buy it but i got the message "This item isn't available in your country"..
    Would you please confirm you enabled it for all countries in google play, or at least check my country: "egypt" ?

  4. Looks like there are a few exceptions:

    Sorry :(

  5. Many thanks Richard but i think those rules were changed in 2012.. I can download other paid application, for example: 3d christmas live wallpaper by jetblack software is not free and i can buy it with no problem.. but i can't buy yours..
    Sorry for re-asking but would you kindly double check in google play developer that you enabled it for all countries and all phones? Mine is sony xperia S and country egypt..
    Or do you have it uploaded on other markets like slideme marketplace?


  6. Certainly!

    I have all countries selected.

    I just rechecked the page here

    From Canada, I cannot sell applications to Egypt. Look at the last section of the page... isn't weird?!?
    Only free apps can be distributed to Egypt according to that page.

  7. you are right, weird :((

    Thanks Richard ..

    Best Regards

  8. Available now in google play for Egypt :) I got it at last, thanks Richard..


  9. I found 9-patch (aka 9.png) to be confusing and poorly documented. After a little while, I finally picked up on how it works and decided to throw together something to help others figure it out. thanks~ Natalie :)

  10. Hi Natalie,

    That is great!

    Do you have something you can share with the community? A link?

  11. Richard, just started using your app. I find it useful.
    What would make it even more useful to me would be to add an option to export a compiled 9-patch file.
    Also, is there a way we can add our own files that would appear in the browser?

  12. Hi Chris,

    Can you explain what you mean by export a compiled 9-Patch exactly?

    As for adding your own files, that would certainly be doable!
    What would the interface look like to add?

  13. well, I've been using xUltimate-d9pc.exe on pc to compile the images.

    As for interface? I don't know, just a picker of some type. External would be fine. That way one could use a file browser like es or image browser like quick pic

  14. Thank you Chris.

    Haven't touched the viewer a quite a while now and I can't garantee when I will have time, but will put that suggestion on my todo.

  15. Ok thanks. It's a handy app, even if you don't get around to it.