Saturday, February 4, 2012

Android 9 patch viewer coming soon with filters and categories.

I have received 2 request to add some sort of categories to the images in the app.
Since the number of patches is closing on one thousand, I will have to start thinking of a way to do just so.

My next effort regarding the android 9 patch viewer app will be to add filters and categories.

The collection was just a bunch of files previously, but now will need to get some organisation which was not part of the original design.

This will require quite some rework of the current code, so be patient.

Thanks all!


  1. hai..
    In my application I use 3 animations when one starts another goes slow. Can anything be done to overcome this problem. If possible please mail me how to do on and I'll remain grateful to you.

    Thanks Bamadeva

  2. Bamadeva,

    I would suggest you post a complete questio, with as much details as you can on

    They have facilities to post code so we can have a better idea what could cause your problem.

  3. Hey Richard,

    I just found your blog tonight and bought your app right away. Just wanted to also express my desire for some categorization of the images. I just started using 9-patch in my project, so forgive me if I am misunderstanding something. But it would be nice if I could find an icon that I like and then download ALL of the widget states related to that icon all at once. For example, focused, unfocused, pressed, enabled, disabled, etc. Right now I find one I like and I am unsure which of the other icons in the pack I should use for the different modes. Or maybe you don't include them, I'm not sure. Are each of the icons in the pack meant to be used as default state, and I need to modify them myself for the other states?

    Thanks, David

  4. Hi David,

    Appreciate the feedback.

    There is no real relation between all the 9 patches in the app. There are some packs I made with all 5 states for buttons, but there is no way at the moment to isolate them. You can find them one beside each other in the grid though.

    Most of the 9 patch found in the apps are meant to be used for backgrounds, not buttons.

    When I get around implementing the filtering mechanism, I'll make sure to include a way to group button states together to solve this issue.

    I just got back to work so please be patient, I'll get to this as soon as I am on top of things at work :)