Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Android 9 patch - pack 22 - more buttons with 5 states and 19 hues!

Hi all.

Another group of buttons with 5 states here. They are exported with 19 different hues.
These include the following states:

  • normal, 
  • normal focused, 
  • normal focused pressed, 
  • disable
  • disabled focused.
They seem to be working better when applied on a neutral background or a background with similar colors.

The focused states won't work great on large areas, the scale markers are slightly too long.
But this can be fixed easily with the 9-patch tool, Photoshop or gimp.



  1. These are awesome!!! Keep posting them!!!!

    I wish there was a way to download the entire collection though like in a zip file

  2. I'm working on a solution for that via the android 9 patch viewer application.

    Stay tuned!

  3. I tried right clicking on the image and saving to my project in drawable and then set as a background to a button but when I run the app it doesn't look right and shows the black lines on the sides of the button. Doesn't look like it is scaling just putting the image as a background. I have never used 9 patch before. Is there a special way to save the file or parameter in the XML layout?


  4. Did you save with the .9.png extension?

    A valid 9-patch png filename is something like this:


    Notice the .9.png at the end.
    This has to be like that in your drawable folder.

    You can rename the file to something meaningful in your project, but you cannot remove the .9.png extension.

    Hope this helps.

  5. That was it. Thanks Richard for the quick reply and the examples.

  6. do you just make android applications ?
    or you are also iphone developer ??

  7. I try to stay away from iPhone at the moment. I didn't enjoy working with xCode and the mac. Not that I didn't try :)
    But it went a lot smoother on the android platform.

    So for now, I'm stricly doing Android.

  8. Hi. Thanks for the great images! Can we use them for free?

  9. Indeed.
    You can use any of those to build your applications.
    So it is ok to build your UI with them.

    You cannot package them to redistribute or sell/distribute them otherwise.